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Our Gym - Philosophy

The main philosophy behind our gym is exercising by constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity within a community. To keep exercising interesting, each class works on different skills and uses different training methods. During training, we strive to help people perform functional movements that make up daily life. Functional movements are movements our body was designed to do (ex. squat, jump, run). When new members join our gym, we begin by assessing their ability then build up to a goal. 


High intensity ranges from person to person and at our gym we serve all types of people. It ranges from a person that has never worked out or has been years since the last time they stepped into a gym, to your competitive athlete that wants to compete in either crossfit or another sport. Workouts are not “one size fits all” and we want our members to feel comfortable coming to the gym no matter what our workout of the day might be.


Our Gym - Community

Our community is what drives people into our gym, working out with friends is always fun! The community is made up of a variety of people with different backgrounds and goals, but we all have the common goal of wanting to be healthy and see each other succeed. As a gym community, we host many events like holiday parties, potlucks, community workouts, and your random “let’s go out after class”. Many members of our community have made lifelong friends and we hope to add more as we grow.

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