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  • How do I sign up for a free week?
    Schedule your free week with us by filling out the contact form with all your details, then we can connect with you to determine when you can start.
  • What is “CrossFit”?
    "CrossFit is a fitness program that produces measurable outcomes through lifestyle changes, centered on training and nutrition. Workouts consist of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements, and are most fun and effective among friends at a local CrossFit gym." -
  • Do I have to be fit to join?
    The simple answer is no. No matter what your current fitness level is, we have adaptable programming to match your fitness needs. Our programming is designed for infinite scalability, which means a beginner athlete and elite athlete can be in the same class and both have a challenging workout. Our classes are the perfect fit for any committed individual regardless of experience.
  • What sets you apart from other gyms in the area?
    We believe that when it comes to someone's fitness journey it is not “one size fits all”. We are a community of people from a variety of backgrounds: stay-at-home parents, elite athletes, students, business owners, first responders, and more. We range in age from teenagers to grandparents, yet our workouts every day are designed for anyone to do them.
  • Do I get the chance to meet new friends?
    Yes, our CrossFit classes are limited in size which allows our members to connect more. We also have community events like potlucks and parties to get to know each other outside of class as well.
  • How often should I come?
    Each person is different. When you first start out at the gym you will meet with a coach who can help you determine what is right for you.
  • How much does a membership cost?
    Please contact us to discuss our membership options and rates.
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