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Tom Slusar

Owner and Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2, Personal Trainer

Tom began coaching CrossFit at Fox River Strength and Conditioning in 2021 and knew he found his passion. Prior to joining the CrossFit community, he was struggling to find the motivation to work out because other gym programming would become boring. He found himself gaining weight and eating a horrible diet. However, since joining FRSC he has transformed into a competitive athlete, and most recently a gym owner. CrossFit has helped Tom become the healthiest and strongest he has ever been, and he has created lasting relationships within the community. Tom wants every member to feel the same way about themselves and hopes the community continues to grow.

Molly Mullins

CrossFit Coach

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Molly first joined CrossFit to join her son in an activity he was interested in. She knew nothing about it, but within a few weeks, she knew she had found something she wasn't looking for. There isn't enough space to say all that Fox River Strength and Conditioning provides for her life now. She is compelled to be there as often as she can to workout in a community of people who encourage her to push just a bit harder. She is stronger, healthier, more agile, and in better general health than she was 20 years ago. Molly would love for every member of the gym to embrace what they have available to them. To commit to fun while achieving strength and health within a community of fabulous people!



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Bailey Pihera

Coach and Dietitian

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, RDN, CPT

Growing up, Bailey was a competitive athlete who loved being at the gym and strived to always challenge herself mentally and physically. With her background in gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting transitioning into CrossFit was natural, but it never felt right until she found FRSC. During her first class she felt welcomed, challenged, supported and has never looked back since. Bailey considers FRSC to be her home away from home since it has given her a community that relates to her crazy love for the gym along with the accountability to push herself to become better every day. Now entering into a new role as a coach, Bailey hopes to positively influence our athletes lives as past coaches have done for her and make our athletes feel comfortable, confident, and inspired to discover the mental and physical strength they didn't know they had. 

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